File of Life Program

File of Life pic

The File of Life program helps members of the Police and First Aid Squad provide services at times when you or a family member may not be able to communicate effectively due to medical reasons or personal injury.

Residents with severe medical problems, seniors, and other interested citizens are provided a free File of Life packet. The packet consists of a File of Life Information Card and a vinyl cardholder for placement on your refrigerator door.

The File of Life information card has areas to record personal information concerning medical conditions, drug allergies, emergency contact numbers for friends and family members, doctors information, prescription information and any special circumstances rescue personnel should know.

Program Benefits

In an emergency, rescue workers responding to your home will look for the File of Life card on your refrigerator door. Your File of Life information will help guide on-scene treatment, notification of your doctor and your family members. Immediate access to this information greatly helps rescue personnel provide the best in quality care.

Request a File of Life Packet

You can obtain a File of Life Packet at the Lincoln Park Police Department. For more information about this program, or to request a File of Life Packet, please email us here.