Public Works

Mission Statement
Our mission is to maintain and improve Lincoln Park's facilities through cost effective management and asset prioritization. We strive to provide responsive and quality public service through efficient procedures and positive inter-organizational communications.

Superintendent's Duties

The Director is appointed by the Mayor, with the Advice and Consent of the Council, for the term of the Mayor appointing him. The Director has overall responsibilities for the management of the Department. He serves on a part-time basis at no compensation. The Director is responsible for the administration of departmental records and financial, budgetary, payroll and inventory operations.

In the Department of Public Works and Utilities, there is a Superintendent of Public Works, who serves under the Director and who is responsible for the daily supervision of the work activities of all Divisions within the Department, he shall be certified by civil service.

The Department of Public Works and Utilities is organized into 3 divisions: