Apply For

  1. Affordable / Fair Housing

    View information on purchasing or renting an affordable home in the Borough of Lincoln Park.

  2. Building Permits

    Check out information on required building permits and inspections.

  3. Civil Union Licenses

    Learn how to apply for a civil union license.

  4. Dog License

    Review the requirements for registering your dog with the town.

  5. Domestic Partnerships

    Find out how to apply for a domestic partnership.

  6. Firearm Permits

    Learn about the requirements for requesting a firearm permit.

  7. Job Opportunities

    Browse job openings, download an application, or email your resume.

  8. Marriage Licenses

    View how to apply for a marriage license.

  9. Scholarship Opportunities

    Peruse through scholarship opportunities for Lincoln Park High School seniors that are planning on attending an accredited college, university or vocational / technical school.

  10. Voting

    View past election results and learn how to register to vote.