LPCL - Lincoln Park Community Lake  - 2020                                        

A day at the lake will definitely look a little different this year.  The LPCL is opening by taking smaller steps than the Jersey Shore may be taking, but our focus is on the health and safety of our staff and patrons.  If we all do our part to comply with the restrictions, follow social distancing guidelines, and accept personal responsibility for our own behavior we can all enjoy Summer 2020 at the LPCL.

    The LPCL will be open May 26 - May 29, 2020                                                 Hours:  1pm - 5pm

Membership is required - RESIDENTS ONLY


The LPCL will be open to all residents, (with proper ID), on a first-come, first-serve basis as capacity restrictions are in place for the entire facility, which includes the grassy areas.  The water will be closed for swimming on Memorial Day Weekend, but plans are being made to re-open the water in June with social distancing guidelines in place.  The restrooms will be open.  The playground/pavilion/gazebo will be closed.  Masks must be worn when entering, exiting and walking about the lake and while they are recommended they are not mandatory when sitting in your chair in your designated area on the beach.  These are just a few of the rules that we must strictly adhere to. Please read the full list before coming to the LPCL.

Registration forms must be completed before you will be permitted to enter the lake.  Please download, print, complete and bring with you on the weekend with ID and proof of residency.

While you may not agree with some of our plans, please understand everything has been discussed and designed with safety in mind while following the State’s Executive Orders and guidelines.  If we have the successful opening that we plan on, we will consider opening on a daily schedule beginning in early June.  

The Lake is closed this week, May 18 - 22.  You may see some activity on the beach as our staff continues to prepare the LPCL weekend and on Friday, May 22, training will be conducted with our staff to include all the rules and policies for the 2020 Summer Season.




Membership registration will open on June 1, 2020. Apply on-line through CivicRec and use the option of paying by credit card, (NEW FOR 2020). 

  • Adult Family Member (Age 18 - 59)       $40
  • Youth Family Member (Age 4-17):          $10
  • Senior Member(60 & Over)         No Charge
  • Baby/Toddler (Newborn - 3YO)   No Charge
  • Family Caregiver:                                   $40
  • Guest Passes will not be available this year.
  • Swim Team is cancelled for this season.
  • Swim Lessons:                                      Free
  • Waiver and Code of Conduct (Required)
  • Cash, Check or Credit Card Accepted 

 All applicants must complete a Registration Form, Waiver and Code of Conduct before membership can be approved.  

Lincoln Park Residents must provide proof of Residency in Lincoln Park (new as well as renewal memberships).

Family Members are restricted to parents/children that are residents of Lincoln Park.  Extended family members, living in the same household in Lincoln Park, must apply for a separate membership.  

If a "Guest" is not accompanied by a Registered Member of the LPCL, the Daily Day Pass Fees will apply for admission:

  • One-Day passes are available for patrons that do not have a seasonal membership
  • Day Pass Per Person = $15 resident only
  • Day Pass for Family of four (4) = $50 per family  (must show proof or family relationship)
  • Code of Conduct and Waivers must be completed for each person in your party

“If your child is in the water, 

You should be too!”


April 1965: The Borough of Lincoln Park acquires the title to the property formerly known as "Wildan".  The Borough devotes the lake and the property to recreational purposes for the well being of the residents of the community.  Seasonal badges were issued at $25 per family membership and $10 per single membership.