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Please understand we have our camp staffed based on numbers from registrations and to ensure the safety and welfare of everyone we need to follow NJ State guidelines and policies!  COVID is still here and while most of the campers are not eligible for vaccinations, we are required to follow certain protocols to to ensure that your camper and well as our employees stay safe!!

Contact us at with any questions.

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Summer Camp 2021!

 After the past year that we all have had, we are very excited to offer Camp this summer.   Below is 2021 Camp Information along with important information regarding COVID and mask requirements.  

 Camp will begin on Monday, June 28, 2021, hours are 8:30am – 12:30pm and we will meet at the Lincoln Park Middle School.  

The weekly schedule is  as follows:

  • Monday – Wednesday – Friday:  drop-off at the LP Middle School located at 92 Ryerson Road.  
  • Tuesday & Thursday:  drop-off at the Lincoln Park Community lake located at 37 Ryerson Road 

 When you arrive at the Middle School, drive to the back lot and your camper will be greeted by our counselors who will assist your child in exiting your vehicle – no need for you to get out of the car.  If you want to walk your camper in, please park in the front lot and walk back.  Your child may walk to and from camp or ride their bike to and from camp, BUT we require a written note or e-mail from you giving your permission, (yes it can be permission for the entire camp season).  It must be in writing with your child’s name and your name (printed and signed).   E-mail is also acceptable – to , please add the following in the subject line:  Camper’s Name – permission. 

 We are also very excited to announce that due to the recent changes in COVID restrictions we are able to offer a few camp trips.  The list of OPTIONAL trips is attached with the additional fees for each trip.  Bus transportation is provided as part of the fee and we will update you on mask mandates on bus transportation.  As of today, masks are optional at all venues.  If your child does not attend a trip, they still may attend camp, but be advised that it usually is smaller group of children that stay back.  There will be a Director and counselors at “stay-back” camp, which will depend on the number of children.  


 Campers will need to bring water bottles and a snack every day.

  • DROP-OFF / PICK-UP:  Camp Director and counselors will be on site for 8:30am drop-off, there are no accommodations for early birds.   NON-EMERGENCY late pick-ups will be charged $5 per 1/2 hour.
  • Sunscreen:  Campers spend the majority of the day outdoors, please apply sunscreen before camp.  Our staff is not permitted to apply sunscreen, so we suggest packing SPRAY sunscreen for additional application during the day.  
  • Clothing/Shoes:  Children must wear appropriate clothing and footwear.  Sneakers are required for camp days.  Sandals and flip flops are NOT permitted on regular camp days or trips.  However, flip-flops are permitted on LAKE DAYS only.   
  • Medication at Camp:  Medications, (prescribed or over-the-counter) are not permitted at camp.   EPI-PENS are permitted if submitted to Director in original box with prescription label and photo of child.
  • Medical Information:  Please address all health concerns with the camp directors.  Basic care will be administered at camp for all minor incidents.  Should an injury require emergency medical treatments, we will notify the parent or emergency contact.   
  • Absences:  If a camper will be absent, please e-mail us at or call/text the Camp Director at 973-525-6646.
  • Electronics/Cell Phones/Toys:  Campers are advised not to bring anything of monetary or sentimental value to camp.  The Borough of Lincoln Park will not be responsible if such items are lost, stolen or broken. 
  • SNACKS & DRINKS: We do advise that each camper bring a snack and water bottle each day.  The Camp will supply ice-pops at the end of each day, time permitting. 
  • LAKE DAYS are scheduled for TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS, weather permitting.  Drop-off / pick-up at the LP Community Lake, same times.  Swimming is optional and there are other activities planned for non-swimmers.  The Lake is staffed with Lifeguards, and each child must have written permission to swim, (form is attached).   Please send your child with a towel & apply sunscreen before camp.   Flip-flops may be worn on Lake Days. 
  • SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS:  Please contact the Camp Directors to discuss any special concerns and/or accommodations that will enhance your child's camp experience.  We will attempt to address all requests - all information is confidential. 
  • SHIRTS:  your camper will receive their shirt on their first day.  They can wear them anytime, but if they are going to attend a trip, it is mandatory that they wear them on that day of the trip.  
  • ILLNESS:  We cannot stress enough that if your camper has a temperature, is sick or shows any symptoms or other signs of illness, they SHOULD STAY HOME.  If the Camp Director feels your camper is showing any symptoms of any illness, you will  be contacted and requested to pick up your camper.  


  • Immunization and Medical Records: No child is permitted to attend camp without current immunization records and a complete and signed medical health history.  If you have not done so, please complete the attached Medical Form and bring it to camp on Monday June 28, 2021.
  • SWIM PERMISSION FORM:  please review and complete the attached Swim Permission Form for Lake Days.  This form is MANDATORY. 
  • COVID Waiver:  this form is also attached.
  • TRIPS:  The trip schedule is attached.  If you want to add on a trip, please complete the attached form and return to camp ASAP.  You can register for a trip through CivicRec and pay by credit card, but there is a convenience fee that will be assessed so you may want to consider sending in cash or check.  Cut-off dates are the Friday BEFORE the trip for the following week.  


 We have been directed to treat everyone as unvaccinated to ensure everyone’s safety. 

  • If your camper has been vaccinated you do have the option of presenting their vaccination card.  
  • All campers will be subject to daily health screenings.
  • If a camper does test positive during camp they will have to quarantine and contract tracing will ensue.  
  • If a camper tests positive and has been in contact with an unvaccinated counselor or other unvaccinated campers, then camper, the other contacts and the counselor will have to quarantine.  
  • We cannot stress enough that if your camper has a temperature, is sick or shows any symptoms or other signs of illness, they SHOULD STAY HOME.  
  • If the Camp Director feels your camper is showing any symptoms of any illness, you will  be contacted and requested to pick up your camper

 With those points in mind, our mask requirements as per NJ Health Dept Guidelines are as follows:

 Vaccinated campers and staff are not required to wear masks in indoor or outdoor settings.

  • Outdoors, campers are not required to mask, regardless of their vaccination status.
  • Indoors, unvaccinated campers and staff must wear face masks for their own protection. 

 Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions, comments or concerns.  


KINDERGARTEN - 7th Grade Camp


  •  When:        June 28- August 20   Monday - Friday / 8:30am - 12:30pm
  •  What:         camp for LP children entering grades K– 7th (Sept 2021)
  •  Where:       TBD - LP Middle School or PAL / Community Center
  •  TRIPS:        camp trips are not guaranteed, but a possibility
  •  MISC:          3 days at camp & 2 days at the Lake

LKC - Little Kids Camp



  • What:      Camp for 3-4 year olds / POTTY-TRAINED & 3yrs old by June 1, 2021
  • When:      July 5th - Aug 13th / Mon-Thurs / 9am - 12noon (pick your weeks)
  • Where:     TBD -   LP PAL/Community Center Bldg or Municipal Building
CR is live


If you do not want to pay by credit card, check the PAY LATER box at check-out,  Mail or drop-off your payment to

Borough of Lincoln Park - Recreation 

34 Chapel Hill Road  Lincoln Park, NJ  07035