Community Camera Program


Help us keep our community safe.

Lincoln Park Police Department is committed to utilizing every resource to prevent and solve crimes and protect citizens and their property. 

Many residents and business owners currently operate surveillance systems at their homes and/or businesses. As crimes occur in the area, they are not always aware that their system may have captured information that could help solve the crime and convict those responsible for victimizing the community. In turn, law enforcement in Lincoln Park is not always aware who may have this potentially vital information. This program will help marry the mutual interest of the community and law enforcement -- a safe Lincoln Park.  

Registering you camera not only helps deter crime, but assists Lincoln Park Police Department in its overall crime prevention strategy.

Protect yourself, your family and your community by registering with the Community Camera program.


What is the Community Camera program?

It is a crime fighting tool that citizens and businesses within the Borough of Lincoln Park can use to register their private surveillance system to assist the police department in  solving crime and crime prevention.

What is the cost of the program?

The Community Camera program is FREE.

How does it work?

Simply register your camera system below and you will only be contacted by the police department if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of your security camera. The program is voluntary and you can exit the program at any time.

What is the benefit of the program?

The program helps the police department and the community work together in a partnership to prevent and solve crimes in Lincoln Park. The program assists investigators with the streamlined method of locating possible video evidence.

Does the Police Department store my video?

The community camera program does NOT allow Lincoln Park Police direct access to your cameras or surveillance system. It simply allows us to know that you have cameras that may have the potential to help. If criminal activity occurs within the area of you video system the police department will ask to view your footage in an effort to solve and prevent crimes. 

You always retain the rights to your cameras and footage and are not obligated to share that footage with us simply because you signed up for the community camera program. 

If you have any questions or need to modify your request, you can contact us here. 

Community Camera Program Registration

  1. Please include areas your cameras may cover (ie. Roadway, direction, street name, parking lot, partial view of neighbors, landmarks etc.)

  2. Acknowledgement

    If necessary, the Lincoln Park Police Department will contact you directly, to request the appropriate video surveillance footage. Any and all video surveillance footage shall remain the property of the registrant until it is request by Lincoln Park Police Department and collected from the registrant by the Lincoln Park Police Department. 

    By joining the Community Camera Program the registrants agree to the following Terms and Conditions: (1) Any video footage collected by the Lincoln Park Police Department relating to criminal activity may be used in the investigation and as evidence during any stage of the criminal proceeding. (2) Video footage provided to the Lincoln Park Police Department is reserved for official use only. (3) Under no circumstance shall registrants construe that they are acting as an agent and/or employee of the Borough of Lincoln Park and/or the Lincoln Park Police Department through the program. (4) When necessary, the Lincoln Park Police Department will contact you directly using the information you have provided to obtain surveillance footage. (5) You agree not to release any video footage or still images to the media without consulting with the Lincoln Park Police Department.

    You are not required to share footage with Lincoln Park Police Department. However, if you do share footage, it is subject to these terms and conditions. Clicking submit indicated you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

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