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summer hours


LPCL -  Lincoln Park Community Lake 

Click here to view Membership Fees for the Season

swim lessons

Swim Lessons at LPCL

Register for swim lessons now.  Lessons will take place 4 days a week for two consecutive weeks.  There will be two class sections, one starting Monday, July 9th and the second starting Monday, July 23rd.   Visit Patti or Dean at the Lake for more information or call them at 973-694-6100 ext #2206 or e-mail at pdelaporte@bolp.org or dherrmann@bolp.org

Free Summer Concerts at the LPCL

Mark your calendars for the Summer Concerts at the Lincoln Park Community Lake sponsored by the LP Library.  Admission to concerts are free.  Bring your favorite beach chair or blanket and enjoy the beach.  Picnic baskets with snacks are permitted.  

  • July 21 - The Chapel Choir
  • August 18 - Franki G 



Don't Ever Miss A Water Bill Again!

The Water & Sewer Department is offering E-Bills.  
Go paperless and get your water and sewer bills emailed to you each quarter.
The process will generate an email when your current bill is available for viewing on the website under the appropriate link.  If payment is not received by the due date, friendly reminders and shut-off notices will continue to be mailed to the address on file via the US Postal Service.  To sign up please stop by the Water Department or visit the Water Dept page of the Borough’s website.  Sign Up now for E-Bills


his automated electronic funds transfer program is a convenient way to pay your Municipal Property Tax and/or Utility bill.  This program allows you to preauthorize payment of your municipal charges directly from your checking or savings account through electronic funds transfer - with no paper check involved!  To sign up for ACH Direct Withdrawal, visit the Finance Dept page to print the form.  Please drop off or mail back to the Borough with a copy of a voided check.


The Borough Needs Your Help in the Battle Against Recycling Contamination!

A contaminated recycling load costs $175 per ton to dispose of as opposed to $10 per ton for a clean recycling load. When non-recyclable items (contamination) end up in the recycling loads they have the potential to turn the entire load into trash, increasing processing costs and additional service charges.

  • PLASTIC BAGS - plastic bags and film get tangled in machinery.
  • FOOD SOILED ITEMS - soiled items will turn an entire load of recycling into trash (RINSE YOUR ITEMS)
  • WET PAPER-please try to keep your recyclables dry 
  • E-waste- E-waste can be recycled but NOT CURBSIDE please bring E-waste to DPW recycling yard
  • TANGLERS- Rubber hoses & wires can shut down an entire recycling center
  • HAZARDOUS MATERIAL- can cause serious injury to workers
In 2017 China began to limit the quantity of material it accepts for recycling and in 2018 added specific contamination limits.  The significant changes are affecting the recycling industry world-wide. As a result, our focus on quality is higher than ever, as we work to ensure long-term sustainability of our recycling programs.

Key points to keep in mind with plastic recyclables:
  • ALWAYS look for recycling sign indicating numbers 1 or 2
  • ALWAYS rinse out containers (plastic, glass & aluminum). 
  • NEVER place your recyclables in plastic bags when putting out for curbside collections
  • ALL recyclables MUST be in a clearly marked recycling container.

One of the easiest ways to help is to NOT put your recyclables
in plastic grocery bags or clear garbage bags.  




Rick Beyer - Director of Public Works

CONTACT US with questions about your Route # or any other concerns 973-694-6100 #2058.

July Brush Pick-up - ALL ROUTES - July 12

Please refer to the Recycling Calendar for detailed collection information on brush, grass and bulk.  
All brush and branches shall not exceed 3 inches in diameter and no longer than 6 ft long and must be tied and/or bundled in manageable 1-man piles with stick ends facing in one direction. Brush should be placed at the curb line NOT in the roadway or on sidewalks.  Please refer to the Recycling Calendar/Brochure for more information


Route #1 - July 2
Route #2 - July 10
Route #3 - July 30 

Non-Solicitation List -  Resident Form

All vendors that wish to solicit in Lincoln Park, door-to-door, must first submit an application to the Clerk's Office with a $40.00 solicitor fee.  

The vendor is then directed to the Police Department for a background check.   Vendors are given the current non-solicitation list when they obtain their solicitation permit and they are not permitted to solicit any residence that is on the list.

If you have a non-solicitation decal on your front door/window and someone does come to your house, please contact the police.  

The "NON-SOLICITATION LIST" is maintained in the Clerk's Office.  If you wish to be on the list or would like to update your information or get another non-solicitation decal, please complete the form and either mail or email it to the Clerk's.  We will send you a non-solicitation sticker to place on a window or door.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions through the following e-mail links:
Cindi Sloane, Municipal Clerk or Courtney Fitzpatrick, Deputy Municipal Clerk.  

Property Maint

Homeowner Reminders

Sal Marino, Construction Official Building Inspector / Zoning

Sidewalk Maintenance and the Homeowner's Responsibilities.

All persons owning or occupying residential property; which has located thereon or abutting thereto any public or private sidewalk, which are used by and/or are open to the general public, shall be required to maintain, construct, replace and repair the same in a workmanlike state of maintenance and repair.  All holes, cracks, excavations, subsidence, or uneven pavement in sidewalks shall be maintained, filled, repaired or replaced as necessary, walks and steps repaired and other conditions removed where necessary to eliminate ground surface hazards or unsanitary conditions with reasonable dispatch upon their discovery.  It shall be the responsibility of the owners and occupants of residential property to take reasonable steps to discover any such ground surface hazards or unsanitary conditions; which may exist on sidewalks on their premises or abutting thereto. Failure to comply with Borough Ordinance can result in a summons being issued.

Exterior Maintenance - GRASS

All exterior grass and lawn areas of residential premises shall be maintained at a cut height of no more than six (6) inches. Failure to comply with Borough Ordinance can result in a summons being issued.


Janet Cassidy, Superintendent of Recreation

Patti Delaporte, Assistant Superintendent of Recreation


Brochures and registration forms are available on-line at www.lincolnpark.org.  

  • K-6 Camp, (grades K-6) continues through through August 17.

  • Kinder-Camp, (children ages 3-4yrs), will begin on July 9 and continue for 6 weeks through August 17. 

  • Summer Tour for children entering 7th – 9th grade will begin on July 9 and continue for 6 weeks through August 10.

Lincoln Park Exceptional Children - LPEC

Who are “Exceptional Children”? 
Exceptional children are not only those with special needs, but those that may face challenges in thinking, communication, movement, getting along with others, and taking care of one’s self.  Exceptional children may also have challenges with speech impediments, shyness and/or gross or fine motor skill challenges.  Exceptional children may have ADHD or they may be a “gifted child” that faces challenges from their academic abilities.  When we become educated on the exceptional child , we can  help lead the child toward being included with, not excluded from, regular activities.

Beach & Swim at the LPCL - Sunday, July 8, 2018


Stay Fit with LP Recreation:

Current classes:
  • Yoga:  Monday Evenings in the Community Meeting Room of the Municipal Complex                                                     
  • Zumba:  Tuesday Evenings in the PAL Gymnasium of the PAL Bldg / Community Center                                                              
  • Cardio and Strength Training:  Thursday Evenings in the Meeting Room of the PAL Bldg / Community Center                                                             
  • Beach Bootcamp:  This is a seasonal program (summer months) and takes place at the Lincoln Park Community Lake   - NEW        

Health Dept

Kathleen Skrobala, Health Officer/Public Health Nurse

Our “Walk with a Doc” on Wednesday, June 27th, at Lynn Park was a big success, Over 50 people were in attendance to hear Dr. Andrew Gilmartin, Vanguard Medical Group, talk about effective sleep strategies. Attendees then walked with the doctor, received health information and give-aways, and participated in a raffle. Thanks to Chilton Medical Center, Vanguard Medical Group, ShopRite of Lincoln Park and the Lincoln Park Care Center/JDT Medical Rehab for partnering with the Lincoln Park Health Department to provide this program!

It’s mosquito time again. Take the necessary steps to reduce your risks https://www.cdc.gov/features/stopmosquitoes/index.html

Visit our health department page http://www.lincolnpark.org/309/Upcoming-Health-EventsScreenings for more information on upcoming screenings and events


pal logo


General Meetings are scheduled for June 27, July 25, August 22 and September 26.  All are invited to join us to see what is going on or how to get involved.

PAL Registrations and Events:  

click on links below for more information.

July Calendar of Events

visit the LP Library at 12 Boonton Tpke or visit their website at http://www.lincolnparklibrary.org.  

Notify Me


Non-Emergent Notification System sending residents information about town events, public works, recycling, health events, recreation and much more! 


OEM & POLICE Notification System 

In the event of an emergency in our area we may send out notifications.  You may choose to receive the notifications through your landline telephone, cellular phone, text message or email. You may register for this free service at https://getrave.com/login/lincolnpark   In order to register for text alerts, text LincolnParkAlerts to 67283. While text alerts will be utilized, we encourage you to also complete the full registration at the website above.
If you have any questions please contact Officer Ruggiero at 973-694-5533.

Social Media


There are so many ways to stay in touch with the Borough and to get the information you need.    Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or visit our website and look for NOTIFY ME.


LP Day

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