Zoning/Planning Ordinances


By definition, a resolution is any act or regulation of the Governing Body that is required to be reduced to writing but may be finally passed at the meeting at which it is introduced as opposed to an ordinance which requires two readings. The legal effect of a resolution is the same as an ordinance.

Every resolution must appear in full in the minutes, either by verbatim inclusion or by attachment. Both resolutions and minutes are permanent records, and if the resolutions are not included in the minutes, the signed, sealed original copies must also be retained as separate permanent records

Fees & Charges Resolutions

All Resolutions are published in full in the meeting minutes.

Zoning Maps are available in the Borough Clerk's Office for $20. Copies of the Development Regulations, Chapters 17 and 28, are available in the Borough Clerk's Office for $100.

Ordinance 10-14, & 11-14