Lincoln Park Day


Lincoln Park Day
 September 23, 2023
 10am- 4pm

Lincoln Park Day is back!


Join our hometown’s annual celebration of community unity will return on Saturday, September 23! This year’s event will help mark our success in coming together as neighbors, united in helping and sustaining each other. 

 As always, Lincoln Park Day will bring a fun-filled array of useful information, food and shopping, and amusements for young and old alike. 

 Lincoln Park Day will attract hundreds of people to our downtown area and provide a great boost for our local businesses and organizations.

 A terrific annual event like this requires a major commitment of time and effort from our Lincoln Park Day volunteers. And just as importantly, it also needs generous financial support from our neighbors, particularly those in the business sector.  

 You can help revive this unique homegrown tradition as a signal that Lincoln Park has come through the dark times and is alive and thriving. 

 We know there are many demands on your philanthropic support, but we hope you’ll seriously consider contributing toward this unique feature of our Lincoln Park community.


 Marianne Walker, President


PS  Your support will boost the quality of life in Lincoln Park and will be a great investment in promoting your business!