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Lincoln Park Night Out Vendor Application


  2. *Tables, chairs and tents are NOT PROVIDED. You must bring your own. Tents cannot be larger than 12x12.

  3. I agree to be open during the hours of the event (5PM-8PM). I will provide my own table, chairs and/or tent, if needed. I will keep my area neat and clean during the event and make sure that it is clean when I leave. I will NOT sell any products at my vendor table.



    "I/we" and "me/my" shall mean the below individual(s) and/or organization(s).



    Date(s): Friday, August 4th, 2023 or Friday, August 11th, 2023 (RAIN DATE)

    Site: The Chapel, 264 Jacksonville Road, Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

    Hours site is needed: 3PM to 9PM

    Activity to be held: Lincoln Park Night Out

  7. 3. VENDOR

    I sign this Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement as my voluntary act and by this act agree to indemnify and hold You harmless from any claims, suits, or other actions arising from, caused by, or which are the alleged result of any act or omission of (including, but not limited to damages arising from accidents, losses and/or injuries to persons or property) resulting from the event/activity as applied for by me.

    A) You; (applicable only if the user of the site is a Corporation

    B) Any guest, invitee, licensee, visitor, or other person present on the premises listed above in order to participate in, organize, assist, enjoy, supervise or in any other way further the activity to be held (as described above) on the date(s) listed above.

  8. 4. I state the activity listed above will no include the consumption of alcoholic beverages, but should any person described in Paragraph 3(B) consume alcohol or allow or permit others to consume alcohol, then I agree to be bound by the terms of Paragraph 5 below.
  9. 5. By signing the hold harmless, I state that the activity listed above WILL NOT PROVIDE/WILL NOT INCLUDE consumption of alcohol on site at any Borough of Lincoln Park location. I understand that alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited at any location approved for use by the Borough of Lincoln Park.
  10. 6. (Applicable to Corporations Only) I also agree that I am obligated to reimburse You for all reasonable attorney's fees incurred by You to enforce the terms of this Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement or to defend Yourself against any claim, suit, demand for subrogation, or other action which a court of competent jurisdiction later determines by final order or judgment should have been defended by ME at MY sole cost and expense pursuant to this Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement.
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